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Feeding Therapy 

Breast Feeding Therapy 

Eating is essential to child development and growth. Eating is a fun and social experience that is centered around family and friends. When children are not eating, it can become stressful for the parent, caregiver, and the child.  Kids Thrive Therapy believes in making mealtimes fun! Kids Thrive Therapy works closely with many specialists in the area including pulmonologists, gastroenterologists, dieticians, occupational therapists, and physical therapists in order to analyze the feeding problem and create a treatment plan.

There are different components to breast feeding.   Kids Thrive Therapy works with infants who “choke” or cannot manage the flow of milk while nursing. These infants can be irritable while nursing, pull off the breast, spill milk, cough, and/or sound congested.  Kids Thrive Therapy collaborates with a lactation consultant in order to determine the best treatment plan.


There are also infants that do great with breast feeding but don’t want to take a bottle. This can be very stressful for mothers, especially those mothers that need to return to work. Kids Thrive Therapy can help with getting your baby to take a bottle when needed.  

Speech and Language Therapy 


Communication is a vital part of child development. When children don’t have the essential speech and language skills to communicate with their family, caregiver, and friends, it can be difficult. Developing the proper speech and language skills helps the child to build confidence in their everyday lives. Kids Thrive Therapy works to develop the correct sounds in order to make them more understandable. It is also critical to focus on their language skills which can be critical for their academic success, such as sound awareness for reading or social skills for peer interaction.  Kids Thrive Therapy works with you and your child to help meet their communication needs.

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